Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I get Freebies?

Just have a browse through our freebies now to see if you like one. Click the ‘Get Freebie’ button and we will direct you to the companies website where the freebie is being offered. Follow the instructions and sit back and wait for your freebie. Just remember, a lot of the time, these companies are processing thousands of requests, so delivery can take up to 30 days. Sometimes you just need to be patient. Also, some freebies are collection ones, we will always tell you on our site which is which. 🙂

2) Who sends the freebies?

Not Free Stuff Females. We search the UK for the latest freebies from all companies we can. These include various perfume, makeup, and other companies. We have promoted freebies for the likes of Estee Lauder, L’Oreal, Colgate, Gillette, Huggies, Burberry and many more.

3) I haven’t received my freebie?

When we promote a freebie from a company, its good to remember that the companies are receiving thousands of requests at the same time. This means that it can take up to 30 days to receive your freebie from them. Patience is a virtue when it comes to freebies (remember they are free after all). That’s why we encourage our subscribers to apply to anything they want and see what comes.

4) How often are new freebies released?

We are on the lookout for new freebies every day and update our site with new freebies every day.

5) Why do companies give away free stuff?

Giving away free samples is a direct marketing strategy to let new customers try their products before purchasing. Companies realise that they are more likely to convert a customer if they have tried their product before. This doesn’t mean you have to buy anything after the freebie though.

6 ) Do you charge for your services?

We never have nor never will charge for Free Stuff Females.

7) Will I receive lots of SPAM?

When you apply for a freebie from any company, you are putting your details in their database (including email). This is why we advise you to set up a new email address or use an email that you don’t mind receiving the freebie emails through. This stops your main email address getting clogged up with too many emails. We will never sell/give your details to any third parties.

8) What is your privacy policy?

Click here to see our Privacy policy

9) Have another question?

If you have another question that we haven’t answered. Feel free to email us at

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Thanks from the Team at Free Stuff Females. x